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Albert Keijzer believes in sustainable business and Corporate Social Responsibility.

In various areas, like creation of working environment , in business operations and in logistic services Albert Keijzer is continuously searching for ways to reduce CO2 emissions. A process that’s been implemented in the organization years ago and is still of great importance nowadays.

Trucks and trailers.

To reduce noxious emissions and limit excessive noise our tank and bulk trailers use electric loading and unloading systems. Furthermore some of our trucks use CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). A few use diesel to start the engine, after that they turn to CNG. Our new trucks only use CNG. CNG, also known as green gas, is a fuel with an emission of particulate matter, NOx and CO2 that’s far below the emissions using diesel or gasoline.

Approximately 5 years ago we started to use an automatic tyre pressure monitoring system. This system keeps the tyres at the right -preset- pressure, which results in a reduction of fuel consumption (and CO2 emission). The system also prevents unnecessary wear and tear of the tyres (and burst tyres).

Further advantage of the system is that flat tyres are kept at pressure to help the driver to get safe to a repair facility to replace or repair the tyre. A combination of truck and trailer won’t be parked unsafe along the road.

Solar Energy en LED lightning.

Our company owns several buildings (Albert Keijzertstraat/Oostzijde and Achtersluispolder in Zaandam, Hazeldonk at the border The Netherlands-Belgium) on which solar panels are installed. As a consequence, Albert Keijzer and its lessees can provide nearly their entire energy needs, which needs are also reduced by using LED lightning in buildings and surrounding sites.

During 2020 Albert Keijzer will start to build a new office at the Albert Keijzerstraat in Zaandam. We aim to reduce CO2 emission to an absolute minimum, both in the design of the building and during the building activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility.

Stichting Hulpfonds Albert Keijzer was founded by Albert Keijzer B.V. to express social involvement of the organisation and its personnel. The foundation receives resources from contributions of the employees of Albert Keijzer B.V., which are doubled by the company. Using these resources, the Stichting Hulpfonds provides financial or material support to people and organisations who need this support, especially in the regions in The Netherlands where the personnel of Albert Keijzer lives and works. This may be done through direct support to the individual persons, or through support of projects with a goal similar to that of the Stichting Hulpfonds.

Over the past few years, the Stichting Hulpfonds Albert Keijzer has supported, among others, Stichting KIKA, Manege De Blijde Ruiters in Zaandam, and the Ronald McDonald Centre Only Friends in Amsterdam-Noord by providing (financial) aid.

If you have any questions about the Stichting Hulpfonds Albert Keijzer, or if you wish to get in touch with them, please click here.

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